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Working Successfully Across Cultures

Keynote Presentation

60 - 90 minute inspirational presentation on learning to thrive in the global marketplace

Whether you are in Denver or Dubai, 21st century business requires competent interaction and communication with clients and colleagues of different cultures.

On a plane, at a meeting, on the phone or by the water cooler, you simply cannot afford to make a misunderstood gesture, drop an ill-placed phrase, or use uninformed judgment.

Understanding, appreciating and maximizing the benefits of cultural differences due to geography or generation are critical to achievement in the domestic or global marketplace.

During this informative and inspiring keynote presentation, Deborah Rinner will inform participants of five key areas of how cultures differ, and the effects on organizational interactions.

The five tenets of culture:

  • Time
  • Communication
  • Task vs. Relationship
  • Authority and Hierarchy
  • Individual or Group Orientation

For more information, contact:

Ann Block, Vice President, Client Relations
Tero International, Inc.
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