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Getting the Most Out of Your Time and Your Life

Keynote Presentation

60 - 90 minute inspirational presentation on gaining mastery over your time and your goals

Why don't we approach every day of our life with the same enthusiasm and spirit of adventure we devote to planning vacations? Why don't we expand our horizons, learn about new things and most of all, have more fun?

Too often we impede our success because we unconsciously impose limitations on ourselves. Gain an understanding of why we sometimes sabotage our successes and don't accomplish nearly as much as we are capable of doing.

Just as you would never leave for a vacation destination without a map, explore how to make a plan for your days, weeks, months and lifetime where you focus on managing your time, your priorities and your goals. Research shows those people who live a balanced life also live a longer, happier life.

During this inspirational presentation, discover:

  • The #1 myth about time management
  • The things we do to sabotage our success
  • The steps we can take to increase our chances of achieving our goals and realizing our potential

For more information, contact:

Ann Block, Vice President, Client Relations
Tero International, Inc.
Phone: 515-221-2318 (ext. 204)
Email: [email protected]