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Tero has been assisting organizations with employee and leader development since 1993. Statistical measurement for more than a decade has shown that the results of Tero training and coaching have been nothing short of breathtaking. Meet the members of the Tero Team by clicking on the links below.

Beyond training and coaching experience, Tero brings expertise in working with a wide variety of organizations. It is because of this diverse client-base that Tero is able to bring best practices from a perspective not normally easily available. Tero is pleased to number individuals from more than 40 countries among its graduates. Tero trainers have delivered Tero training workshops in 12 countries.

Tero offers many of its training programs on a public enrollment basis. This is a nice option for participants to make-up a workshop they may have to miss due to business hardship or other priorities.

All members of the Tero team are required to sign confidentiality agreements to protect both Tero and the clients Tero serves. This means that clients can be assured that any confidential information disclosed in a meeting, coaching session or workshop to Tero professionals is kept in the strictest confidence - now and forever.

The growth of Tero's business and the long tenure of the members of the Tero team testifies to the success of this approach.

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