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Outcome-Driven Selling: A Consultative Approach to Sales

An interactive two-day workshop for improving sales outcomes

What separates a top salesperson from an average performer?

Given the same product knowledge, sales goals and selling tools, why do some salespeople fail and others succeed?

The answer has to do with focus. Average salespeople focus on their own desired outcomes, goals and interests. Top salespeople focus on the customer.

When selling, we need to remember that we must not only worry about what we are trying to achieve, but also seek to understand the customer's desired outcomes and interests. If we stick to our own perspective, we risk failure in the sales process or arriving at a solution that not only does not satisfy either person's interests, but also results in mistrust.

Tero's workshop looks at the four steps to effective sales:

    1. Build/Preserve the Relationship and Clarify Goals

    2. Identify Desired Outcomes (short-term, long-term, tangible and intangible)

    3. Generate Options

    4. Evaluate Options and Make Decisions

It is not only important to do these four steps. The steps must be done in the right order. When traditional sales training and Tero's approach are studied side-by-side, we quickly discover that most sales training programs equip sales professionals with important skills that are appropriate to use in Step Three of the sales process. When they are used too early, sales are reduced to discussions around price and volume, relationships suffer and neither party receives the full benefit and outcome that the steps to an outcome-driven sale deliver.

During this program, you'll gain skills to:

  • Avoid the six most common mistakes sales professionals make
  • Plan for the sales call
  • Ask questions that guide the discussion
  • Listen effectively
  • Communicate without becoming aggressive
  • Meet customer needs without giving in
  • Challenge the customer to think differently
  • Discover the secrets of building rapport
  • Use proven selling strategies
  • Address the customer's fear of making a decision
  • Close the sale
  • Handle tension, conflict and unproductive emotions

Research reveals that the tendency to focus most heavily on self is natural for all of us and salespeople must be trained to conquer it for long-term success. Sadly, in the world of sales, the exclusive focus on the salesperson and their product or service is encouraged and reinforced. The industry devoted to teaching selling skills provides numerous opportunities to acquire skill in the areas that focus on the salesperson's goals only.

With Tero's approach, the customer will often arrive at your solution without having to use closing strategies, unique selling propositions, counterproposals and multiple concessions. This is how the top sales professionals do it and it can be learned.

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For more information, contact:

Ann Block, Vice President, Client Relations
Tero International, Inc.
Phone: 515-221-2318 (ext. 204)
Email: [email protected]

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