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Intercultural Competence: Selling Across Cultures

An interactive one-day workshop for selling cross-culturally

21st century business requires sales people to competently communicate with clients and colleagues of different cultures.

On a plane, at a meeting, in an email, on the phone or by the water cooler, you simply cannot afford to make a misunderstood gesture, drop an ill-placed phrase, or use uninformed judgment. What you don't know can, and indeed will, hurt you.

If you question whether you need intercultural training, simply determine if any of these statements apply to you:

    I sell to people of different cultures and sometimes feel like we are not fully connecting.

    I have occasion to work on an international team (virtual or direct) and feel like my communications might be unclear or ineffective.

    I have tried to introduce a client to the culture of my organization and failed to be completely effective.

    I sell to individuals spanning three generations and do not know how to address generational differences and needs.

    I have the opportunity to plan an international business meeting and lack information about appropriate seating arrangements or greetings.

    My passport is frequently stamped, yet I'm finding that the old adage "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" just doesn't cut it.

    I have been given an expat assignment and I'm anxious! What if I fall short based on what I don't know?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how cultural values influence perception
  • Employ perception checking strategies to manage culture difference

During their training, sales professionals also explore the five tenets of culture and their impact on sales success:

  • Time
  • Communication
  • Task vs. Relationship
  • Authority and Hierarchy
  • Individual or Group Orientation

The addition of the Intercultural Developmental Inventory (IDI) can assist sales professionals in determining how they react to and manage difference. It also provides ideas for moving toward increased cultural sensitivity in order to positively influence business relationships and outcomes. The IDI meets the standard scientific criteria for a valid and reliable psychometric instrument.

For more information, contact:

Ann Block, Vice President, Client Relations
Tero International, Inc.
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