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6 Reasons Why Leadership Development Fails

According to the Association for Talent Development, $134 billion is invested annually in corporate training. Approximately one third of this spend is dedicated to leadership development. Is it working? Sadly, most leadership development efforts fail to achieve their desired goals, or succeed for only a short time. Why does leadership development fail?

#1. Confusing Leadership Development with Leadership Training

Because training is such an important part of leadership development, it gets most, if not all of the attention. It is important to remember, it is just a part of a larger system.

#2. Lack of Commitment

People don't become effective leaders by attending a motivating keynote or through an interesting book. Like any art, it takes time, learning, commitment, coaching, and practice.

#3. Lack of Understanding

Before launching into any development initiative, it is important to gain a clear sense of goals, strengths and gaps.

#4. Lack of Support

Organizations must have systems in place that ensure leaders-in-progress are given the opportunity to use their emerging skills, knowledge and abilities.

#5. Lack of Accountability

Systems within the organization that hold leaders accountable and ensure that the desired behaviors become a part of the organizational culture are essential.

#6. Lack of Expertise

A successful initiative demands expert facilitation by subject matter experts who know how to facilitate the process of learning.

What is required to develop great leaders?

A systemic, intensive development process that supports the organization's strategic goals, introduces practical applications of proven leadership skills from the cognitive and neuro-sciences. One that combines dynamic skill-building learning with support from mentors and coaches and opportunities to practice the skills developed in the real world for maximum retention, comprehension and application.

The Ultimate Threat to Organizational Success

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