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Leadership - The Perception Misconception

60 - 90 minute inspirational presentation on challenging leaders to proactively shape perceptions others hold of them

It's been said that leadership is among the most highly studied of subjects but remains among the least understood. Leadership is all around us. In our organizations, families, sports teams, communities, cities, and countries. Although the definitions of good leaders are numerous, and the theories about why people become effective leaders mixed, we do know that effective leaders motivate people to work interdependently, achieve goals and generate solutions. But what do these effective leaders possess that others do not? What separates an effective leader from an ineffective leader? The difference comes from how the leader is perceived by those who are led. The leader's opinion of their own leadership ability doesn't seem to matter much. What matters most is the perception of others - for better or for worse.

How are you perceived by others? Are you perceived as an effective leader?

During this thought-provoking presentation, you'll discover:

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