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Research and Program Customization

Tero International invests an average of 55 hours of research, program design and curriculum development into every one hour of proprietary training delivered in a classroom. Continuous ongoing research ensures that the training remains relevant and responds to constant changes, discoveries and innovations. In addition to a substantial investment in content research, Tero also invests heavily in research related to the process of learning to ensure that all training programs are delivered in a learner-friendly format.

While Tero's proprietary curriculum is contained on shelves in Tero's extensive research library and on computer hard drives, Tero realizes that every organization is unique and each training session must be customized to meet the unique goals of the client. Tero expects this, plans for it and provides customization as part of its professional services and not as a separate (and sometimes unknown) element.

Tero's in-house production capability ensures that the customized participant resources developed for a client are of the highest-quality for long term use and reference. Since Tero has been successfully serving clients across a variety of industries and geographies for many years, Tero's approach has been field-tested and proven. This guarantees that members of your team will not be practice candidates for new untested assessment instruments, curriculum or processes.

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In the training world we talk about performance. At Tero we define performance as bringing out the best in yourself and others in pursuit of a worthwhile goal. People can be the modern organization's greatest asset or its greatest weakness, depending on how effectively they perform together - giving training professionals their largest challenge ever.

With the knowledge and technological base in most professions constantly changing, it is the personal and interpersonal skills that labor under the label of "soft" which turn out to be of enduring value and are somewhat resistant to change. Helping people develop these skills is our mission at Tero International.

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