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Tero Home Office Team

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In addition to attending to the critical activities associated with the growth of a successful business, Tero's Home Office Team supports clients and the members of Your Elite Training Team in a variety of important ways:

Research-based curriculum

Tero International invests an average of 55 hours of research, program design and curriculum development into every one hour of proprietary training delivered in a classroom. Continuous ongoing research ensures that the training remains relevant and responds to constant changes, discoveries and innovations. In addition to a substantial investment in content research, Tero also invests heavily in research related to the process of learning to ensure that all training programs are delivered in a learner-friendly format.


While Tero's proprietary curriculum is contained on shelves in Tero's extensive research library and on computer hard drives, Tero realizes that every organization is unique and each training session must be customized to meet the unique goals of the client. Tero expects this, plans for it and provides customization as part of its professional services and not as a separate (and sometimes unknown) element.

Measurement and assessment

Tero has been measuring the effectiveness of training for many years, employing the services of third party statisticians and learning experts - even before it was popular to do so. The insights of the statistical findings have greatly influenced the design of Tero programs. This experience not only enhances training quality it also makes Tero uniquely qualified to assist with assessment, measurement and return-on-investment studies.

Customized resources

Tero's in-house production capability ensures that the customized participant resources developed for a client are of the highest-quality for long term use and reference.

Client service

Beyond formal training and program support, Tero is committed to providing outstanding client service to ensure that activities such as internal communication, workshop logistics, and the myriad of other important administrative details are not left solely to the client to handle.

Ongoing support

With the sole purpose of providing graduates of Tero training with ongoing resources, Tero offers exclusive access to the Graduates Only Section of the Tero website to Tero graduates. Tero also publishes a monthly eZine for graduates to provide them with the latest insights on topics explored in their Tero training. These publications are complimentary for graduates of Tero programs, as is the on-call support of members of the Tero Team to respond to questions graduates may have in the future.

Ongoing follow-up

As part of its commitment to exemplary client relations, Tero provides a comprehensive follow-up process for all workshops. Click here for a detailed overview.

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