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About Tero International

Since 1993, Tero International has earned a distinguished reputation as a premier interpersonal skills research and corporate training company. Professionals from locations around the world are graduates of Tero's workshops and hundreds of leaders turn to Tero for their executive coaching services.

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Investing In Professional Development

As change continues at a breathtaking pace in organizations and with competitors copying process and technology advances at lightening speed, the competitive edge will most surely go to those who invest in the inventories that are the most difficult for the competition to copy - their human inventories.

Whether your people are developing new skills for new challenges, or making career transitions inside the organization, Tero provides training programs and coaching services to maximize your effectiveness. Tero partners with clients to combine the latest research in interpersonal skills and the most relevant innovations in learning with the specific needs of your organization.

Tero's team of experienced consultants offers you a professional approach to skill development. Whether you select an inspirational keynote presentation, register for a public workshop or customize a training program, each of these professional development opportunities promises a learning experience like no other.

We are proud to serve clients at locations around the world. Our experience in the diverse fields of business, industry, government, healthcare, non-profit, and education makes us uniquely qualified to customize each service to each client's specific needs.

The Origins of Tero International

Tero International, Inc. is a corporate training firm, founded in 1993 by Rowena Crosbie with headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. Tero started, as many small businesses do, in a spare bedroom. Since its beginnings in Ro's home in Earlham, Iowa, the growth has been dramatic and we are pleased to number individuals of Tero training programs from many countries among our graduates. In addition to workshops hosted in Iowa and around the United States, Tero serves clients at locations around the world including Canada, Mexico, Europe, Singapore, India, China and Australia.

Tero's growth has come primarily from word-of-mouth testimonials and referrals. For that, the members of the Tero team would gratefully like to acknowledge all the many individuals who make up its unofficial and renegade sales force; those graduates and clients who have invited Tero to share in their professional development and who share their success stories with others. Click here to find out more about the history behind Tero International.

Your Tero Team

Unique in the training industry, Tero uses a team approach to most training and executive coaching assignments. There are many advantages to having at least two highly-skilled, certified trainers in each workshop and a talented team back at Tero's headquarters focused on the client's goals. Among the benefits are diversity of trainers, a variety of trainer certifications, specialties and expertise, and small facilitator to participant ratio.

Unlike many training organizations that employ independent contract trainers as needs demand, Tero trainers are part of a cohesive team and are under exclusive contract to Tero. They do not provide training in any other context. This ensures that the members of the Tero team are keenly focused on the needs of the client and not on any competing or personal agendas that may exist. Click here to meet the Tero Team.

Research and Program Customization

Tero International invests an average of 55 hours of research, program design and curriculum development into every one hour of proprietary training delivered in a classroom. Continuous ongoing research ensures that the training remains relevant and responds to constant changes, discoveries and innovations. In addition to a substantial investment in content research, Tero also invests heavily in research related to the process of learning to ensure that all training programs are delivered in a learner-friendly format.

While Tero's proprietary curriculum is contained on shelves in Tero's extensive research library and on computer hard drives, Tero realizes that every organization is unique and each training session must be customized to meet the unique goals of the client. Tero expects this, plans for it and provides customization as part of its professional services and not as a separate (and sometimes unknown) element. Click here to find out more about Tero's Research and Program Customization.

Measurement of Results

Measuring the impact of training, although arguably a challenge, is one of the most important things any training professional can do. At Tero, we take the measurement of training results very seriously and dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to it - all to ensure that the programs offered by Tero deliver the outstanding results our clients have come to expect.

Beyond the usual reaction surveys that are completed at the end of all Tero training workshops, Tero also surveys all program graduates (for programs that are at least one-half day in length) several weeks after the conclusion of a training program to collect feedback and data around the practical, real-world use of the skills and concepts.

For longer courses of study such as Tero's Leadership Boot Camp and Tero's Outstanding In Life youth programs, a more extensive measurement process is implemented. Data is collected around both hard (pre- and post-assessments, return on investment) and soft measures (interviews, testimonials, observation). Click here to find out more about Tero's Measurement of Results.

Assessment Center

Tero uses several assessment tools before and during a workshop or leadership series. One tool is our Tero Cards, wich are a user-friendly planning tool for identifying the training and development gaps that exist between the skills of the people and the competencies that are needed to implement business strategies. They are designed to help organizations identify key competencies, assess skill gaps, prepare development plans, and implement training initiatives. Click here to find out more about Tero's Assessment Tools.

Community Service Outreach Program

Beyond corporate training, in the spirit of good corporate citizenship, Tero supports its communities by offering services at reduced cost or no cost to a number of charitable and community organizations. This community support would not be possible if not for the clients who have invited Tero to be their partner in employee and leader development. Thanks to the growth of Tero over the years, Tero's ability to give back has also grown.

On behalf of all the members of the Tero Team and the groups served by these community service programs, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the clients of Tero for making this possible. Click here to see the many organizations that have benefited from the gift of Tero training and how your organization can apply.

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In the category of Best Training and Development Company, Tero International has been named on the Best Of List by The Des Moines Business Record in their annual Reader's Poll every year since the category was introduced in 2007. Tero's President, Rowena Crosbie, honored as Woman of Influence: Business Owner of the Year 2009. Tero International is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating. Click on the image above for a BBB report.

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