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Curriculum and Instructional Design

In the past two decades, research from the neuro- and cognitive sciences has produced more insight into human behavior and learning than during any other time in history. Recent advances in brain research reveal why some training programs succeed and why others fail. These insights have helped instructional designers design and develop training programs that produce meaningful results for those who attend.

At Tero, we take instructional design very seriously. Our research and development team invests between 50 - 60 hours of research, program design and curriculum development for every one hour of proprietary curriculum that is delivered in a workshop - an investment that is significantly greater than average.

We know that the best way to design a learning experience is to incorporate active involvement - kinesthetic learning. Whether it's asking participants to physically move, take notes, work in groups, or practice the skills, great training programs depend heavily on learner involvement. Therefore, the sessions are learner-led and highly interactive. A modular and phased-learning approach ensures comprehension, retention and application of the many concepts explored.


The greatest growth in each of us occurs after a period of some stress (not too much). The development experience must ensure the participants are accountable for their own growth and that successful change in behavior occurs - the kind of behavior change that is somewhat resistance to change. Every one of us remembers significant learning experiences in our lives and nods in agreement that they always were accompanied by a great investment of time, effort and personal energy.

Tero training programs are purposefully designed to mimic stresses found in the real-world where the skills will ultimately be used.

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