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Training Follow-up

Tero's commitment to learning and development does not end at the conclusion of class. We realize that without proper follow-up and application of the new skills, up to 75% of the new information can be lost. We want to ensure that you receive the most from your training investment. With this goal in mind, Tero is pleased to customize an appropriate follow-up program to complement the workshop and provide participants with resources to apply the knowledge gained to the real-world.

Immediately After the Workshop

At the close of the workshop, participants are asked for their written feedback on the experience. This evaluation measures the reaction to the class, the usefulness of the skills taught, suggestions for improvement, and the effectiveness of the facilitators. The evaluation form is a mix of open-ended questions and multiple choices that provide insight into what follow-up program is most suitable for this audience. As the client, you are provided with the original evaluations from the session.

Participants also take away their useful resource materials and a sheet of personal aha's from each class.

The Next Few Months

Tero clients are invited to choose suitable follow-up activities, from a variety of options. Within a few weeks, you will be asked for a time to debrief the training to evaluate the success as measured against the original objectives. At this time Tero can also begin to customize follow-up activities. This is all with a view of guaranteeing that your goals and expectations for the training were met and continue to be met in the future. Many of the follow-up activities and resources are part of Tero's standard commitment to client service and are provided at no cost to you.

About two months following the workshop, a follow-up communication and evaluation are sent to the participants asking for additional feedback and insight into how the skills developed in training are being used. Follow-up evaluations can be completed online. In addition, based on their original evaluation, participants will receive information about other training they expressed interest in.

Publications and Resources

At all times and in all forms, Tero aims to be a resource to both the client and the workshop participants, providing the most recent and relevant research connected to personal and interpersonal skills.

Follow-up Activities

In many cases, Tero clients take advantage of follow-up activities to support the workshop experience. Several customized electronic assignments (usually 3 - 6) can be developed by Tero and provided to you to support the learning. These electronic assignments can be emailed to the workshop graduates in the weeks and months following the training to provide insight on how to implement the skills and knowledge developed. This outstanding after-training benefit is provided to Tero clients at no cost.

Follow-up Workshops and Coaching

In some cases, additional formal training or professional coaching may be desired. Tero is pleased to work with you to evaluate the results of the original training and recommend additional development programs for the program graduates or work with clients to identify other populations of people who may benefit from the training.

Statistical Measurement of Training Results

For longer courses of study, such as Tero's leadership development programs, an extensive measurement process is frequently implemented. Data is collected around both hard (pre- and post-assessments, return on investment) and soft measures (interviews, testimonials, observation). Data analysis is carried out by independent third-party statisticians and formal reports are provided to clients providing metrics around knowledge gained as a result of the training, behavioral changes, business impact and financial returns.

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