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Tero's Learning Methodology

While many organizations commit to ensuring excellent training design, they frequently underestimate the critical role the trainer plays and the complex set of skills and knowledge needed to successfully facilitate learning and persuasion.

Does excellent instructional design guarantee results?

Have you ever seen an excellent training program fail because of poor delivery/facilitation?
Have you ever seen a training program of less merit get accepted because of great delivery/facilitation?

Effective training programs are only part of the solution. Great content in the hands of a poor trainer does not produce desired results. Certified Tero facilitators, who themselves have received hundreds of hours of training to become skilled in the nuances of effective presentation skills, facilitation skills and experts in learning, lead these state-of-the-art training programs.

In a business climate where individuals are over-loaded with information, it is no longer enough to simply communicate information during training. The ultimate success of training greatly depends upon the skills of the workshop leader.

In Tero workshops, the information is dynamically presented using short presentations, group and individual activities, multi-sensory learning, creative self-study exercises, field trips, and innovative approaches to accelerated and brain-based learning techniques. All concepts are presented from the participants' perspective and are immediately applicable to help in reaching goals and tackling challenges.

Another important consideration is a safe learning environment where individuals can try, fail and try again without great risk or fear. At the same time, the learning environment should mimic the stresses found in the real world. Achieving this balance is one of the greatest challenges of training and few trainers are highly skilled in it.

The standards for training and facilitation set by Tero are high. So high, that fewer than 20% of the individuals who begin the process are ever certified. Tero clients are the beneficiaries of these high standards of excellence in training delivery.

Also rare in its field, Tero uses a co-facilitation strategy for all workshops guaranteeing personal attention, a small facilitator to participant ratio and results! Most important, Tero training programs go beyond learning to performance. Tero workshops don't have attendees, they have participants.

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