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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule a Tero workshop for my organization?

For information about Tero training or to schedule a workshop, contact Ann Block, Director of Client Relations at 515-221-2318 (ext. 204) or email [email protected]

Do I have to schedule a complete Tero series or can I schedule one class?

You are able to schedule a single workshop, a complete Tero series or design your own customized series, drawing from Tero's large library of training curriculum.

How far ahead should we contact Tero to schedule a class for our company?

Scheduling should be done about three to six months in advance to ensure that dates most convenient for your participants and your organization are reserved. For clients who elect to develop an annual training curriculum, full year schedules can be developed.

How long are the training programs?

Programs vary in length from one-half day to several months in length. The length of each program is determined by the learning objectives.

Where does the curriculum for Tero workshops come from?

Most of the curriculum is designed and owned by Tero. Tero invests 50 - 60 hours of research, design and development for every one hour of proprietary curriculum delivered in a classroom. Tero does license content and assessment instruments that meet Tero's high quality standards and are consistent with Tero's values and beliefs about training.

What is Tero's training methodology?

Tero workshops are highly-interactive. Participants discover effective strategies through expert facilitation and practical activites. Tero is committed to a co-facilitation strategy for all workshops longer than a half-day in length. Research shows that small participant to facilitator ratios guarantee more one-on-one attention for participants and are more effective.

What fees are associated with the training programs?

Fees for training programs include a daily training fee plus expenses (expenses include facilitator travel, participant materials, workshop expenses). Public workshops are priced on a per participant basis. Registration fees vary depending on course length.

How can I receive training for just a couple employees, or just myself?

Tero offers several workshops on a public, open-enrollment basis. Public workshops are an excellent choice for individuals or small teams who wish to participate in the training. For a list of public workshops offered, click here

Where are Tero classes held?

You can host Tero training at your location or the venue of your choice. Tero trainers travel to locations around the world to serve clients. Additionally, Tero has three great training/meeting room options (and several breakout options) at its state-of-the-art Learning Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Clients are invited to use the Tero Learning Center as a venue for their Tero workshop at no charge (subject to availability). Click here for information about Tero's Learning Center.

Do you offer facilitator certification?

For many clients, in-house delivery of Tero International's programs may be preferred. If this is of interest to your organization, please ask about this option. Contact Ann Block, Director of Client Relations at 515-221-2318 (ext. 204) or email [email protected]

Do you customize the training?

Yes. While the training workshops have been heavily-researched and proven to work, we realize that every organization and corporate culture is unique and customization is essential. This service is provided at no charge when you contract for a Tero workshop.

Do you work with in-house training departments?

Yes. For organizations large enough to employ full-time or part-time training professionals, Tero works closely with these individuals to ensure that the Tero training experience complements other initiatives in your organization and is customized for your needs.

Does Tero help identify training needs?

Needs assessment should always precede training and Tero is pleased to assist with needs assessment and gap analysis for all clients. Using Tero's proprietary Tero Cards, clients can quickly determine their most pressing development needs. For small and mid-sized organizations, Tero often serves as the training department, providing needs assessment, gap analysis, measurement of results and follow-up programs.

What consulting services do you provide?

Consulting services in many areas of training and human resource management are available. Executive and professional coaching services are also offered. Click here for information about Tero's Executive Coaching services.

How do you measure the impact of training to ensure results?

All Tero workshops, that are at least one-half day in length, are evaluated for effectiveness and relevance by the individuals who participate in the workshop. Several weeks after the training, participants are invited to provide additional feedback on how the skills have transferred to the real world. In the case of longer workshops such as Tero's leadership development training programs, a pre-, post-, post-, post-series of assessments is carried out and the results are evaluated by statisticians for their statistical, educational and practical significance. Data is also collected through interviews, surveys and observation. Click here for detailed information about program measurement.

At Tero International we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We are so confident that both our products and services meet the highest standards of excellence that we offer an unconditional guarantee.

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