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Take the Entitlement Quiz

by Deborah Rinner, Chief Learning Consultant, Tero International

The poor performing employee who is fired yet asking for a severance package on the way out.

The sales person who doesn't meet goals but expects a bonus.

The employee waiting for special recognition for doing the basic tasks in the

These are all signs of a sense of entitlement in the workplace. How does entitlement start and what can leaders do about it?

Test your knowledge. Take this True/False quiz to see what you really know about entitlement. Click on the link at the end for the correct answers.

1. The origin of employee entitlement is a faulty psychological contract between the organization and the employee.

2. Organizing predictable rewards to satisfy employees will reduce entitlement.

3. Challenging employees to take risks and do new things on an ongoing basis will help mitigate entitlement.

4. A manager who doesn't hold others accountable for meeting criteria creates a sense of entitlement where the employee feels they are so secure they do not have to earn their rewards.

5. Creating a more distinct hierarchy for roles will decrease entitlement and ensure more personal responsibility.

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for the Entitlement Quiz answers.

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