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Expressing Gratitude - Put It In Writing

Adapted from Tero's Put It In Writing Campaign

It is not failure of others to appreciate your abilities that should trouble you, but rather your failure to appreciate theirs.


One of the most essential civility skills is to thank a person when they deserve a sincere thank you. Did you know that over a dozen times a day we have the opportunity to thank someone? From the person who made your bed at the hotel to the person who made you laugh harder than you have in a month. A well-deserved thank you is not always overt, and it's rarely provided in a form as memorable as a handwritten note.

Take a moment to think about the last time you received a handwritten thank you note in the mail. How did it stand out from the bills, coupons, and junk? Do you remember who sent it?

Are you putting off sending that personal note because you worry too much time has passed? Forget every rule you've heard about sending a note in 24 or 48 hours. Send a note today to the person who had you over for dinner six months ago, to the colleague who helped you out on an important deadline two weeks ago, or to your son and daughter for simply being who they are. There are no limits to a handwritten thank you note, and no better way to communicate your gratitude with sincerity.

In addition to thank you notes, there are many occasions to pen a personal note. The following helpful tips are found in the book On a Personal Note by Angela Ensminger and Keely Chace.

Parts to Include when Writing a Personal Note

Are you struggling to get started? Following are some guidelines to help you structure your personal note.

Thank You Note:

Congratulatory Note:

Important Days Note:

Love Note:

Apology and Reconnection Note:

Comfort and Cheer Note:

Sympathy Note:

Business Note:

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Are you at a loss on what to include in the note? Reflect on these helpful questions.

Great Words:

Are you at a loss for words? Here are some great words to include in your personal note.

Gift Thank You: Generous - Thoughtful - Meaningful - Beautiful - Appreciated - Touching - Kind - Heartwarming - Loving - Considerate

Kindness and Support: Compassionate - Willing - Supportive - Understanding - Encouraging - Invaluable - Helpful - Grateful - Touched

Social Events and Hospitality: Gracious - Accommodating - Engaging - Creative - Warm - Pleasant - Lively - Unforgettable - Honored - Delighted - Impressed

Life Events: Wholehearted - Special - Deep - Earnest - Sincere - Genuine - Inspired - Moved - Joyous - Noteworthy

Achievement: True - Well-Earned - Deserved - Proud - Pleased - Praiseworthy - Outstanding - Important - Admirable

Special Days: Memorable - Relaxing - Best - Unforgettable - Perfect - One of a Kind - Thrilled - Celebrating

Holidays: Festive - Merry - Peaceful - Romantic - Nostalgic - Joy - Reflection - Comfort - Remember - Gather - Share

Love: Charmed - Spellbound - Committed - Blissful - Amazed - Dependable - Devoted - Momentous - Meaningful - Lasting

Apology and Reconnection: Sincere - Fervent - Overdue - Belated - Hopeful - True - Heartfelt - Genuine

Comfort and Cheer: Good Spirits - Contentment - Strength - Resilient - Patient - Courageous - Intense - Challenging

Sympathy: Sorry - Deeply - Saddened - Grieved - Truly - Kindhearted - Caring - Respected - Recovery - Solace - Support - Memories

Business: Interested - Pleased - Glad - Fortunate - Confident - Professional - Dedicated - Capable - Talented - Valued - Efficient - Top Notch - Significant

Great Phases:

Are you challenged when trying to translate your kind thoughts into the written word? Here are some time-tested, phrases to include.

Great Endings:

Are you looking for an appropriate close for your note? Choose a statment from the following list, invent one of your own or skip the regards altogether and simply sign your name.

Family and Close Friends: Warmly - Yours truly - With love - Your friend

Gratitude: Gratefully - With thanks - My thanks - Appreciatively

Congratulations: My sincere congratulations - With admiration - Good for you!

Romantic Love: Love - All my love - I love you - Always - Passionately - Affectionately

Apology: My apologies - Truly sorry - Sincerely sorry - My sincere apologies

Comfort and Cheer: Tinking of you - With warmest wishes - With hope

Sympathy: With sympathy - With deepest sympathy - My condolences - In sympathy

Religious: God bless - Bless you - With hope and prayers - In His love,

Business: Regards - Best regards - Best wishes - All the best - Yours - Yours truly - With thanks

"Getters generally don't get happiness;
givers get it.
You simply give to others
a bit of yourself - a thoughtful act,
a helpful idea, a word of appreciation,
a lift over a rough spot,
a sense of understanding,
a timely suggestion.
You take something out of your mind,
garnished in kindness out of your heart,
and put it into the other fellow's
mind and heart."

-Charles H. Burr

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