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It's All in the Question (and the ABCs)

Adapted from Tero's Selecting Top Performers participant manual

All too often, the questions interviewers ask are answered hypothetically. The candidate relates what they would do in a certain situation. This is not actual data. Instead, candidates need to be asked questions they can give real examples of a time they did what they are saying they would do.

A method that helps get actual data is the ABC method. Effective interview questions are crucial in the hiring process to get ABC's. By asking the right question, interviewers can look for the answer to reflect the "ABC" Model.

With every question, the interviewer seeks to get an "A" activity that the candidate was involved in, then a "B" behavior (specific to them, what they did), and lastly the "C", the consequence or result of the candidate's actions.

By mining experiences and giving individual activities, behaviors, and consequences, the candidate will give a more accurate picture of their capabilities.

The following questions will be helpful in achieving your outcomes of getting the candidate to provide you with specific ABC's.

Communication Skills

In addition to asking questions of the candidate, observe the following behaviors during the interview.

Does the candidate:

Presentation Skills

In addition to asking questions of the candidate, many interviewers ask candidates to deliver a presentation to an audience to observe and evaluate the presentation skills of the candidate.

Technical Knowledge

Writing Skills

Ability to Learn




Decision Making



Customer Service


Relating to Others


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