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Kyndal: An Intern Story

by Kyndal Lindsay, Digital Marketing Intern, Tero International

I had Tero picked out from the very beginning.

My first semester at DMACC was coming to a close and my business professor started putting together a career and internship fair. Weeks prior to the actual event, she shared the list of companies that would be in attendance and what positions they were looking to fill over the summer. I remember a few of them were banks and the others didn't peak my interest. Then she read about Tero and I can distinctly remember thinking to myself, that's the one I want.

Fast-forward to the internship fair. I only attended to meet whoever was there to represent Tero. I only wanted the internship at Tero. I made the rounds to other booths so as not to put all my eggs in one basket but I knew that if I didn't get the position I wanted- the one I was after- chances were I wasn't going to be an intern over the summer at all.

May 7th was my first day as Tero's Digital Marketing Intern. I was thrilled because I had a title! I was going to have my own office, my own computer, my own space; I was going to be a working adult! I even bragged to my mom about the possibility of having my own work phone. I came very prepared on my first day too. I brought a bag full of office desk decorations: flowers, pens, a decorative mug to match- you know, the essentials.

But material things aside, there was no way for me to completely anticipate what I would gain from Tero. It is truly an incredible thing to be able to spend a 40 hour work week doing what you love. My position allowed me to explore my passion for design and challenged me to be better.

I was also challenged to grow as a professional in the real world. A public speaking workshop pushed me furthest beyond my comfort zone. At the time, it was nerve-wracking, intimidating, and if I must admit, dreadful. But it was also refreshing. I realized I was experiencing all of those emotions because I was uncomfortable; I learned that being uncomfortable is necessary and effective for growth. Months later I volunteered to lead a monthly team meeting. The idea of doing so made me feel nervous but I already knew feeling that way was a good sign. It was a sign I was challenging myself. Tero not only showed me what challenging myself meant, but also what it looked like.

Another workshop about overcoming change marked a turning point in my career and life. It was that workshop I sat in the front training room and rearranged the plans I had for myself and my career; it was then I decided working and attending college were things I wanted to do simultaneously. I was an intern doing work I loved and wasn't quite ready to give that up when the summer came to a close. So Tero was gracious enough to let me stay.

May 7th is my last day at Tero. And it's somewhat funny that my first assignment at Tero was an article about myself and now this article will be one of my last assignments as an intern. My first piece was about who I was before Tero. A girl who felt somewhat like a failure upon returning home after one semester away at college; she felt as though the world turned her upside down when she realized her dreams of a college experience didn't quite pan out the way she wanted. She hated the idea of having to rearrange her plans and was so caught up on the fact they didn't work out in the first place. This girl was scared to think and make new plans for herself because her old ones failed miserably.

Now I write this article after a year at Tero. I write this piece as someone new. I write this as someone who not only feels successful but someone who feels upright again. But most importantly, as someone who is not so intimidated by failure and change. And someone who is excited about making plans for the future. After all, if I wouldn't have left school I wouldn't have gotten Tero.

Working at Tero changed my mindset and it changed me. My time as an intern equipped me with skills and tools necessary for continuous growth and laid the foundation for success wherever I decide to go next. But above everything else, Tero made me believe in myself again. And for that I am eternally grateful.

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