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Sensory-Specific Language

Adapted from Tero's MORE IMPACT participant manual

Your audience is taking in information and processing it throughout your presentation. How well they actually learn the material depends on your ability to deliver it in a way that makes learning easy for them. People learn in three ways:


People learn through what they hear


They learn through what they see


And through what they do

While we all learn in all learning styles, each of us has a predominant learning style. 25% of the population is comprised of primarily auditory learners, 35% are primarily visual and the remaining 40% are primarily kinesthetic learners.

Skillful presenters know to use language that appeals to the ears, the eyes and the feelings. If you can connect with your listeners by communicating in their preferred sensory-language, you are "speaking their language".


Some of the key words for communicating to an auditory learner are:

Examples of language that appeals to an auditory learner include:


Some of the key words for communicating to a visual learner are:

Examples of language that appeals to a visual learner include:


Some of the key words for communicating to a kinesthetic learner are:

Examples of language that appeals to a kinesthetic learner include (language that also touches the senses of taste and smell appeals to a kinesthetic learner):

Skillful communicators naturally use the language preferred by the individual they are communicating with. Skillful presenters realize that their audience is made up of people with diverse learning styles. They incorporate language that speaks to all groups.

Source: NLP at Work by Sue Knight

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