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Tips for Presence

by Deborah Rinner, Chief Learning Consultant, Tero International

To have presence, we have to walk the walk and talk the talk of professionalism every single day. People must trust what they hear us say and see us do in every interaction. Here are five fast tips to make sure you exude presence daily!

Tip #1 - Be Discreet

Being the person people can trust to keep a confidence enhances your credibility and trust factor. How you handle personal, company and client confidential information matters. Are you careful not only with what you might hear, but what you may be overheard saying?

Carrying to others bits of information or gossip chips away at being seen as an influencer and leads to tip #2.

Tip #2 - Don't Make Noise

"Noise" is detected when we "react" rather than "act" in the office setting or anywhere for that matter. What if we have a complaint? Finding the appropriate person to assertively tell helps maintain an ability to be authentic in sharing thoughts while sustaining an essence of professionalism. The alternative is voicing opposition to anyone and everyone or to someone who cannot do anything about our concern. That does nothing but create unproductive "noise," endangering productive processes and our image as well which leads to tip #3.

Tip #3 - Walk Don't Run

No matter how busy you feel, it will jeopardize your professionalism to "appear" too busy.

How would you look if the many competing events of the day made you so time-results-conscious that you physically ran, not walked, from obligation to obligation? What message would you send if you found yourself "running" in an environment that is looking to you for confident professionalism?

There are a lot of ways you might find yourself "running" if you aren't careful.

Talking too fast and too much is an equivalent to what we communicate when we run. Acting without thinking calmly first, giving others abrupt responses, finishing others' sentences and physically appearing rushed, all give the message that there is trouble coping or handling what is on your plate.

Which leads to tip #4 - how to use body language to look capable.

Tip #4 - Take Up Space

Most of us have been conditioned to minimize ourselves with regard to posture or to posture ourselves in a way that makes us comfortable. This works against us being seen as credible. Using and taking up space at the table with appropriate gestures and open posture enhances our visual imprint on others. This contributes to how professional we appear and what people will remember about us from the meeting. This is a kindness we can do for our own image and reputation as having presence. Which leads us to the final tip #5, be kind.

Tip #5 - Be Kind

It is easy to be more focused on ourselves in any given situation than on others. Yet those who are perceived as having presence show up in the world in confident ways that allow them to focus more on others.

They realize that respect is a demonstration of their values and they can give it to everyone they meet. Even when someone is difficult, the professional acts out of respect rather than reacting out of fear, dislike or aggressiveness.

Being kind allows us to be the consummate professional and people notice our unwavering consistency. The consummate professional is kind to the flight attendant, the CEO, the hotel service person, the receptionist, the client, and the competitor. Level or status does not dictate.

Be kind may be the last fast tip, but it is certainly not the least of considerations in making sure we are seen in every situation as having presence.

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