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When Should I Outsource My Training Needs?

by Rowena Crosbie

Respond to the following three points to help evaluate if outsourcing training may be right for your organization.

  1. The training needed does not include anything that represents competitive advantage in the form of trade secrets, proprietary processes or unique technical expertise

    Any proprietary operational practices should be trained using an in-house source. Many other topics that are pertinent to the continued success of your company can be more efficiently implemented by an outside vendor.

  2. The best practices are already out there - we just aren't aware of them

    Don't reinvent the wheel - let the experts in the specific field share their researched and field tested information with your company.

    According to the ASTD State of the Industry Report, 40 hours of research are invested, on average, in every 1 hour of training curriculum developed. Tero International invests 50 - 60 hours of research, design and development for every 1 hour of training delivered in a classroom. Therefore, each hour is a huge investment of time, energy and research. When calculating the cost of offering the training in-house versus outsourcing - remember to factor in development and research costs.

  3. An outside, objective perspective would present a high credibility level to my employees

    Outside information is often taken more seriously by employees when it is presented to them by someone who isn't in-house. Because it is researched information useful to many industries, employees won't feel personally targeted. They will see it instead as something everyone needs to work on for the benefit of the company as a whole.

    Have you responded affirmatively to any of the above topics? If so, choosing an outside training vendor might be beneficial. Click here for tips on how to choose the right vendor for your company

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