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Where Do We Rate? Answer: Best of 2015!

by Ann Block

Many years ago (over eight to be exact), I had a meeting with our Tero president, Rowena Crosbie discussing how I might help in a client relations role, assisting clients with their company training programs, education goals and objectives. I quickly learned that Tero is not an organization that goes out and aggressively promotes themselves and what they can do to help really build individuals (and organizations) for personal and professional success. The success of Tero has come somewhat naturally through referrals from others that have found tremendous value in the services Tero provides. Those services may be in areas of image coaching, knowledge around culture considerations, how to better lead a team, how to provide leaders with tools to be strategic in their planning, skills in building confidence in presentations, ways to work more collaboratively with customers, etc.

Focusing on these programs, Tero has been in business 23 years with very little self-promotion. Now with almost a quarter century of experience, Tero has been voted "Best of" by the Des Moines Business Record in the area of training and development by the clients we serve for nearly 8 years in a row. The secret is out, and it is time to share how we rate in presenting and providing useful content and information for team members and participants with all experience levels, from all industries.

Ro Crosbie recently presented on the topic of, Championing Innovation and Leading Change at a national conference in June in Las Vegas that was four hours in length. The audience was from all over the world. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) held this session and sent us results from the participant survey as a follow up to the session. In the survey they showed how Ro did in comparison to the overall average rating from all sessions. They also provided feedback submitted from the participants.

SHRM Conference Ratings

In the survey summary sent to Tero, it provided the following results as indicated by 42 of the 45 responders with a rating scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest rating of "excellent" and 4 being "very good".

shrm conference ratings

This graph illustrates both the quality of the information presented and the individual presentation rating. Ro recieved a 4.74 out of 5 rating for the quality of information presented, while the average was a 4.27. Ro received an individual presentation rating of 4.78 out of 5 compared to a 4.32 for the conference average.

shrm conference ratings

This second chart illustrates how well the content matched the intended audience. 90% of the audience felt the material was 'right on'.

shrm conference ratings

This last chart shows a speaker rating for the presenting company trying to sell products or services from the platform. 97% of the audience said 'no'.

Comments About Championing Innovation and Leading Change

Participants provided an entire page of positive feedback on the program! A few comments are below:

Here is the original SHRM Conference evaluation

This is not a unique response. Tero regularly receives feedback from the thousands of participants we have served from over 14 countries internationally. What types of feedback do workshop participants provide? See a sampling from the last three months:

As you can see the skills Tero promotes transform people. These skills enhance interpersonal interactions both at work and at home. A participant recently shared in a session that by using the skills from a recent Influence program he attended, he had one of the best conversations with his wife in their entire marriage!

It is clear from our consistent feedback, the skills learned in any of our Tero workshops do make a difference. The investment made in learning these valuable skills is one that results in better relationships, better career opportunities, and overall a better life.

We thank our clients for their informative comments. Their sharing of their experiences allows us to share the news of our success, which ultimately has all along ultimately been theirs.

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