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Women in Leadership: Barriers and Challenges

by Harwant Khush, PhD, Research Consultant, Tero International

The International Women's day is celebrated all over the world on March 8 of each year. It is the time of the year when women celebrate their successes, reflect upon their roles in the decision-making procedures of the society, and ponder on how far they have gained gender parity in their professional lives.

In their reflection this year, will women feel they are well represented in leadership roles?

Multiple studies have been conducted to understand women's roles and their representations in our society's leadership positions. The Global Strategy Group in 2016 concluded,

"Women's lack of representation at the top is strikingly at odds with American's views on workplace equality...just 34% say their current workplace puts a high priority on having women in leadership positions...1 in 4 American say there are no women in leadership positions at their current job."

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) declared:

"Despite gains in every profession, women remain underrepresented at all levels of leadership. In Congress, on corporate boards, and in our nation's colleges and universities, male leaders outnumber female leaders by considerable margins."

Women make up 50.8 percent of the U.S. Population (Census.Gov), yet, gender discrepancies in the leadership positions are appalling. Consider these numbers:

These incongruities exist even when facts show that women have outnumbered men in attaining college degrees since 1988.

Similar findings were highlighted in an article published by the Stanford University that stated, "Women Sprint Ahead of Men in College Completion, but they still lag in holding powerful positions."

The question is that when there is no dearth of qualified, trained and ambitious women who are ready to lead, then what is really holding them back?

What are the barriers and challenges women have to face to get to the leadership positions?

So how do we make progress in overcoming these barriers?

It is true that women need to work with policy formulators, corporations, and other social organizations to be recognized for their contributions and to be represented in leadership positions. However, to have their voices heard, women themselves need to be proactive and resilient, stand-up for their rights and project their confidence.

The years 2016 and 2017 showed the power of this (not sure if we need "this"), when some powerful and influential American women in leadership positions candidly spoke about the indignities and harassments they had to suffer from their male counterparts. Time Magazine named women as the Person of the Year under the title "The Silence Breakers". The New York Times wrote, "female leaders are restricted by far more than ceilings. Glass walls erected by ... unconscious biases box women into traditional roles and limit our opportunities."

Challenges and barriers of all kinds are there with regard to women in leadership roles, but with persistence, tenacity, and determination women can bring change. They can make a difference in their lives and serve as role models to others. Let this be the reflection for women and men on March 8th.

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