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Working On Our "Hook"

by Bridget Barnes, Tero Certified IMPACT Faciliator

Let me begin by explaining that I am going to share a story about a skill I learned and show how it is similar to the experience you will have during this IMPACT: How To Speak Your Way To Success workshop.

How many of you belong to a gym or have belonged to a gym? My story is about joining a gym and learning to box.

A year ago, I decided to get in shape and start exercising. A friend suggested I join her gym and learn how to box. I had worked out before. I thought how hard could boxing be? The first class was a challenge. We did calisthenics for what seemed like an eternity. The workout almost killed this grandma! Or at least, I thought I was going to die but, when we started boxing, I was a natural. Move like a butterfly and stink like a bee!

My friend gave me a few pointers. She said when I throw my hook I should act like I am hugging a tree. During the sessions the instructors gave us command to hit the bag with all my might so it would IMPACT! When I hit that bag it went "boom" I have to admit, I liked that part.

I kept going to the boxing classes for several months and I thought--I was getting better. I felt stronger. The instructors were impressed with my ability to hit the bag really hard. I really loved the workout, but my shoulder would ache after several sessions and I got bruises on my knuckles. One of the instructors suggested I invest in some better boxing cloves. I did buy some more expensive gloves and my bruises went away and my shoulder didn't ache--as much.

After six months however the gym closed. All the members had to transfer to a new gym with new boxing instructors. The first day at the new gym one of the instructors came up to me while I was boxing. I was doing well, at least thats what I thought until he started correcting me. I couldn't believe it!

He said I was doing a lot of things well but the way I was landing my hook was a little off at times. He said, I should continue to act like I was hugging a tree, and keep my thumb up, elbow in and most of all I should bring the power from my hip and not my shoulder. (Illustrate) He guaranteed that if I made these changes I would improve my skills and avoid injury. I tried it and it worked. I connected with the bag and really made it go "boom"! As I said, I liked that part.

I must admit it wasn't easy for me to unlearn the bad habits that I had formed all those months. I had to concentrate and challenge myself but I did get better. Now, I really look forward to boxing at the new gym.

So, what does learning to box have to do with learning effective presentation skills? More than you might think. How many of you have taken a public speaking class in high school or college? Some of the communication skills you've learned in the past might be ineffective, outdated, or just plain wrong. At Tero you will be challenged to learn new skills. You will have to unlearn skills that are not effective, or are outdated, or just wrong. Just like my boxing instruction, the skills you will learn learning to speak with IMPACT are guaranteed to make you a better communicator no matter if you are talking to one person or a room full of people. You will avoid the injury of using an outdated skillset, and attain success in every communication.

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