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Business Etiquette - Your Competitive Advantage

60 - 90 minute inspirational presentation on business etiquette as competitive advantage

Are there skills that can pave the way for us to engage trust, demonstrate our credibility, and communicate reliability to others? There are, and it pays to know them.

Business etiquette is the "business intelligence" which directly influences our ability to project a consistent positive image, and form successful, lasting business relationships. In an economy that can only afford to reward top performers, and in which successful business relationships depend on personal contact, being aware of business etiquette just makes sense.

It is the defining difference whether utilized at networking functions, or in the numerous daily encounters with clients and colleagues. Experience an educational and motivating presentation sharing business etiquette and networking skills you can put immediately to use to affect your ability to create and sustain positive relationships.


  • How to work a room - effective networking
  • The art of the introduction
  • The power of the handshake
  • Eye contact
  • Body language
  • Business card protocol

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