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Your Personal & Professional Brand

60 minute inspirational presentation on establishing an influential personal brand

Beyond expertise and technical skills, your ability to exude presence and establish an influential personal brand is a differentiating advantage. Tero's Personal and Professional Branding Keynote, provides a fresh perspective and gives key insights on how to increase your ability to influence results and elevate your reputation.

This session will equip you with the skills to convey credibility, enhance each first impression, and turn every personal interaction into a powerful connection.



  • Branding vs. Marketing
  • Credibility Catalyst: What is it?
  • Thin-slicing: How is Our Brand Determined?


  • Body Language That Communicates Our Brand
  • First Impressions That Are Positive and Lasting
  • Conveying Our Expertise


  • Tipping Point Connectors
  • Small Talk with Big Impact
  • Virtual and Online Representation

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