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Strategic Negotiations - Going Beyond Compromise

60 - 90 minute inspirational presentation on going beyond compromise to achieve win/win outcomes

While negotiations are often thought to be reserved for top executives and formal boardrooms, we all negotiate all day, every day. From negotiating a weekend activity with our family members, to negotiating solutions to customer requests, to procuring products and services for an employer, to negotiating assignments on a team, negotiation skills are a critical part of our daily interactions.

When asked about negotiations, most people describe a desired and productive outcome as a compromise. Many even begin negotiations by advising the parties that compromise is essential.

At Tero, we believe there is a better way. Between aggression and accommodation and beyond compromise lies a set of steps and skills that lead to win/win outcomes.


  • How to balance complex human relationships with a focus on results
  • Seek a solution that is a win/win for both parties
  • Understand conflict as the natural result of ineffective negotiation
  • How to manage the 5 most common negotiation behaviors

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