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The Art of Successful Selling

60 - 90 minute inspirational presentation on selling in the modern economy

This is a time of tremendous change in nearly every industry and profession and changes for the sales professional and in sales process are no exception. Sales training in the past equipped sales people with the skills to win at the sales transaction. Today, more is required.

Thanks to the wide availability of information, largely due to the Internet and its search engines, social media and blogs, customers are now more informed, better educated and more demanding. They are challenging the providers of their products and services, asking tough questions and shopping around at an unprecedented rate.

The sales people who will succeed in this new economy are those who embrace a consultative approach to the customer relationship and realize that long-term needs and intangible factors weigh as heavily in customer decision-making process as do the immediate short-term, tangible factors in the sales transaction.

Sales professionals are entrusted with helping an organization grow their business, meet the needs of customers and further the desired image of the company. Top salespeople realize this requires more than selling skills. It requires building a strong relationship and understanding the customer's business needs and underlying interests. Too many salespeople make the mistake of "selling" too early and, as a result, sound like every other average salesperson in the market.

What separates a top salesperson from an average performer? Given the same product knowledge, sales goals and selling tools, why do some salespeople fail and others succeed?

During this presentation, sales professionals will discover the four steps to successful sales and explore two of the critical skills that lead to sales success in the new economy.


  1. Overloading the customer with too much content
  2. Tendency to talk too early and too often
  3. Failure to listen
  4. Failure to handle tension
  5. Halo and horns effect (biases and stereotypes affect performance)
  6. No plan "winging it"
  7. Failure to address the customer's fear of making a decision

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