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Oprah Extra: Dressing Great For Your Age

On Thursday, November 8, 2007, Oprah explored wardrobe issues in her closet makeover show. Her main topic: Women who dress too young or too old for their age.

In a follow-up to Oprah's show, KMTV3 Omaha called on Tero International's Image and Training Consultant, Becky Rupiper-Greene, for expert advice on this topic. During the interview, Becky provided insight on a number of wardrobe and closet challenges. The segment, which aired on Thursday, November 8, reminded viewers of the critical role image and appearance play, not only in how we are perceived by others, but also in how we feel about ourselves. Specific guidelines to assist women in pant selection were also presented.

Becky's model in the segment is Omaha radio personality, Nikki Boulay.

Click on this video link, courtesy of KMTV3 Omaha, to watch the interview with Becky Rupiper-Greene.

Oprah Extra: Dressing Great For Your Age

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