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Tero Research Consulting Team

Tero International invests an average of 55 hours of research, program design and curriculum development into every one hour of proprietary training delivered in a classroom. Continuous ongoing research ensures that the training remains relevant and responds to constant changes, discoveries and innovations.

In addition to a substantial investment in content research, Tero also invests heavily in research related to the process of learning to ensure that all training programs are delivered in a learner-friendly format.

Subject-matter experts serve as Consultants to support Tero's commitment to provide training programs and coaching services that represent leading edge research on the target subject, outstanding instructional design and curriculum development and the highest levels of client customization.

Dr. Harwant Khush

Research And Intercultural Consultant

Joined the Tero Team in 2002

Jeannie Campbell

Research Consultant

Joined the Tero Team in 2012

Kate Valbracht

Training And Research Consultant

Joined the Tero Team in 2013

Sarah Igram

Research Consultant

Joined the Tero Team in 2018