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Influence: How To Achieve Winning Outcomes

An interactive two-day workshop on influencing outcomes

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You and a co-worker disagree on the best approach to improving a process.

You need to provide corrective feedback to an employee and anticipate they will become defensive.

You are part of a team with differing views on how to allocate budget dollars to different projects.

You need to find a solution to a customer complaint that both the organization and the customer are happy with.

These are just a few examples of workplace scenarios that can result in either a positive or negative outcome, depending on how they are handled. In today's complex and changing environment, the ability to effectively influence others in pursuit of winning outcomes represents competitive advantage to individuals and organizations.

During this influence program, you'll gain skills to:

  • Learn the four steps that lead to winning outcomes

  • Explore factors that influence trust in relationships

  • Foster open and honest dialogue

  • Learn to communicate for successful results

  • Develop high-level listening skills

  • Clarify desired outcomes

  • Reveal underlying and hidden interests of all parties

  • Learn a skill for voicing disagreement in a positive manner

  • Diagnose the five most common behavioral approaches to communication

  • Conduct a self-audit

  • Learn how to stand up for your rights without becoming aggressive

  • Discover how to meet the needs of others without giving in

  • Communicate effectively face-to-face, on the phone and by email

  • Handle your own unproductive emotions and influence the emotions of others

  • Practice relevant influence situations that relate to your workplace

  • Learn how conflict can be prevented

  • Resolve conflict when it happens

Since communication frequently happens between individuals in ongoing relationships, and often with the presence of stress, employees at all levels in organizations face a particular challenge:

How to Communicate Without Compromising Relationships or Results.

Research reveals that most attempts at collaborative communications fail and/or lead to conflict. In Tero's interactive Influence workshop, participants learn and apply the steps and skills used by the most successful communicators that lead to winning outcomes.

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