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World Class: Intercultural Competence

An interactive one-day workshop on working cross-culturally

Why didn't someone prepare me for this?

Don't let this be the question you find yourself or anyone in your organization asking when working cross-culturally or cross-generationally. All too often, our cross-cultural learning occurs only after we have found ourselves unaware of something we should have known, or in the midst of a negatively charged situation that could have been avoided, as in the loss of business or personnel.

When business meets cultural difference, the questions we want to be asking, as well as finding answered in our behavior are:

How will our cross cultural interactions create added value, not harm, for our organization?

How do we leverage cultural experience for business gain?

The scope of information about cross-cultural communication is vast, yet Tero realizes the needs of our clients with regard to global or generational proficiency are more often than not very specific. To address this reality Tero offers World Class, a full day interactive workshop providing the fundamentals every one needs to function effectively across cultures whether internationally or domestically, spanning generations, in house or abroad.

Whether you are in Des Moines or Dubai, 21st century business requires you to competently interact and communicate with clients and colleagues of different cultures. On a plane, at a meeting, on the phone or by the water cooler, you simply cannot afford to make a misunderstood gesture, drop an ill-placed phrase, or use uninformed judgment. What you don't know can, and indeed will, hurt you.

Do I Need Intercultural Training?

Determine if any of these statements apply to you:

Click here for statistics regarding the critical need of this training in U.S. society today.

Understanding, appreciating and maximizing the benefits of cultural differences due to geography or generation are critical to achievement in the domestic or global marketplace - and, of special importance for organizations that wish to be seen in the marketplace as leaders in example and best practice.

The professional in today's world faces a multitude of high level challenges and questions daily due to culture and diversity. To help you meet and exceed these challenges, Tero workshops dive deep into the subjects of intercultural competence, international protocol, domestic diversity and generational difference in an interactive format applicable to garnering business results.

In World Class: Intercultural Competence participants will experience and take away knowledge of five key tenets of culture that influence our interactions and our success. This session will inform participants of five key areas of how cultures differ, and the effects on organizational interactions.

Five Key Tenets of Culture

  1. Time Values: How we view time differs and determines how it is used and often times seen as misused cross culturally or by generation.

  2. Communication Styles: The cultural differences in communication influence what gets said, and whether things are spoken in a way that promotes common understanding or creates conflict.

  3. Task vs. Relationship: Task vs. relationship is a cultural driver that influences what and how things get done, and how effectively people complete work or work together.

  4. Equal Power vs. Hierarchy: How power is perceived and addressed varies around the globe and age groups. Whether power is viewed as shared by all or given to a designated few determines how people operate.

  5. Individual vs. Group Orientation: Whether we see the world through an individualistic lens, or a group orientation affects how we are motivated and what responsibilities we will take.

These tenets directly affect all of the interactions operating within an organization, and whether they lead to productive results or problems. World Class is customized to address either national culture or generational difference according to your objectives. Customized, this workshop will aid in understanding the root of many of the daily challenges presented to us in the workplace due to culture and diversity, and inform of strategies to use to leverage difference for employee and organizational effectiveness and business gain.

IDI: Intercultural Developmental Inventory Assessment and Coaching

Gain the competitive edge with a personal assessment that measures your existing ability to effectively manage difference found in diversity. This assessment, a 30-60 minute coaching for feedback, and development of a professional success action plan provides crucial and invaluable insight for anyone whose profession involves managing or doing business cross culturally.

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