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Compassionate Presence

An interactive one-day workshop for healthcare professionals communicating their brand presence

What separates one healthcare provider from another? The difference often comes from how the care providers are perceived by those served. The healthcare organization's opinion of competence and abilities doesn't seem to matter much. What matters most is the perception of others - for better or for worse.

When someone talks about an individual projecting a brand of compassion, they are talking about the perception that person creates through how he or she interacts in all modes of communication and in all settings. Compassionate Presence can, and should be, learned by healthcare providers at all levels.


  • First Impressions and Greetings
  • Eye Contact and Body Language
  • Conversation Skills and Small Talk
  • Remembering Names
  • Telephone Communication
  • Electronic Communication
  • Networking
  • Facilitating Introductions
  • Visual Impressions and Appearance
  • Top Wardrobe and Uniform Considerations
  • Professional Grooming Standards
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • Unique in the training industry, we use a team approach to most training and executive coaching. This means a diversity of trainers, a variety of trainer certifications, specialties and expertise, and small facilitator to participant ratio.

  • We take the measurement of training results very seriously and dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to it - all to ensure that the programs offered by Tero deliver the outstanding results our clients have come to expect.

  • Respond to three points to help evaluate if outsourcing training may be right for your organization.

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