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Active Leadership

An interactive two-day workshop for actively leading teams

People can be the modern organization's greatest strength or its greatest weakness, depending on how effectively they work together. Building on the insight from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), leaders gain insight into how to bring the best out in themselves and in others. They build their interpersonal skills and discover answers to many important questions that will help them greatly enhance the success of the team.

Questions such as:

  • Why do some people think out loud? What is the best way to work with these people?

  • Why are some people reflective and quiet in meetings? How do you access their best ideas?

  • Why do some people ask for very detailed, specific information while others are more interested in the big picture?

  • Why do some people tend to see things as they really are while other people tend to focus on things as they could be?

  • Why do some people seem to engage in lively debates just for the fun and mental challenge of it?

  • Why do some people prefer total consensus within a group before moving forward with a decision?

  • Why do some people leave things like decisions and plans open-ended while others feel more comfortable with a firm decision, a plan and a schedule?

Leaders discover that the language of personality preferences disarms "hot button" areas of conflict and sheds light on how to work together more effectively.


Leaders learn to apply knowledge of personality preferences to the issues that affect teams the most:

  • Communicating
  • Working through conflict
  • Going through change
  • Presenting new ideas
  • Managing project timelines

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The Perfect Combination

The Your Invisible Toolbox® Movement tackles the challenges most individuals, teams, and organizations face. An award-winning book paired with a companion YouTube show and card deck, provide a unique set of research-based tools, put together in an easy-to-apply road map to success.

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