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Customizable Leadership Development Programs

A series of workshops designed to improve leadership capacity

The ultimate threat to organizational success is not markets, technology, products or competition. It is the ability to attract, lead, develop and retain the best people. Customized leadership development programs are built from the following Tero leadership training modules. Modules selected and program length depend on the specific learning objectives of your unique leadership development initiative.

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Tero Leadership Training Modules

Sample Agenda

Click here to view a sample agenda for a 12 month leadership development program designed for leaders and future leaders as part of an organization's leadership development efforts. This agenda is the result of assessing organizational needs and the current capabilities and skill gaps of the individuals targeted for the training.

Needs Assessment

What are the future needs of the business? What talent, skills, knowledge and abilities will your future leaders need? What changes are anticipated? How do you see the role of leaders in making this change a reality? What would it mean if your next generation of leaders were prepared to lead this change? During the assessment phase, Tero representatives meet with leaders and process champions within the organization and facilitate the process of gaining a clear understanding of the organization's top needs, greatest strengths and leadership gaps.

Organization-specific Sessions

To ensure that the workshop participants are equipped not only with the skills necessary for leadership success but also with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of all aspects of their business, the training is supplemented by several customized half-day organization-specific sessions. These sessions involve tours and presentations from various areas within the company.

Mentor Program

High-performing employees serve as mentors for the participants throughout their training experience. Mentor training workshops will help these individuals develop the skills necessary to successfully guide, mentor, coach and provide support. Additionally, they will discover that their role as a mentor is not only a critical one for the participants they work with but is one that is both personally and professionally rewarding.

Leadership Projects

Each of the participants, as part of their training experience, is required to select a leadership project that will test their emerging leadership skills and further at least one of the strategic goals of the organization.

Measurement of Results

Tero is uniquely qualified to assist with the measurement of results. To view a summary of the data collected on Tero Leadership Development Programs, click here.

What is required to develop great leaders?

A systemic, intensive development process that supports the organization's strategic goals, introduces practical applications of proven leadership skills from the cognitive and neuro-sciences. One that combines dynamic skill-building learning with support from mentors and coaches and opportunities to practice the skills developed in the real world for maximum retention, comprehension and application.

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