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Selecting Top Performers

An interactive two-day workshop for recruiting and interviewing talent

Leaders face an awesome challenge in hiring new employees, making promotion decisions, assigning tasks and responsibilities to individuals based on capabilities and handling employee termination. Considerable skill is necessary.

Beyond simply hiring and staffing for technical competencies, leaders learn how to evaluate individuals for the perfect fit in three critical areas:

  • Cultural (Organizational) Fit

  • Job Fit (Technical and Interpersonal skills)

  • Motivational Fit


  • Examine the selection process
  • Explore both traditional and non-traditional approaches to recruiting
  • Choose a selection team to increase odds of a successful hire
  • Master the basics of behavioral-based interviewing
  • Validate information collected during interviews
  • Find a perfect fit between the company, the position and the successful candidate
  • Identify post-hiring issues
  • Adapt the system for internal promotions and job changes
  • Plan new employee orientation

  • Unique in the training industry, we use a team approach to most training and executive coaching. This means a diversity of trainers, a variety of trainer certifications, specialties and expertise, and small facilitator to participant ratio.

  • We take the measurement of training results very seriously and dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to it - all to ensure that the programs offered by Tero deliver the outstanding results our clients have come to expect.

  • Respond to three points to help evaluate if outsourcing training may be right for your organization.

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