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Tapping into Internal Motivation

An interactive one-day workshop about how leaders motivate others

Motivated people often outperform individuals with greater technical qualifications or skills. Without motivation, individuals can lose their knowledge advantage through complacency.

How do great leaders retain and motivate talented employees? Competent leaders do not underestimate this challenge and they understand that they cannot force someone to be motivated. They understand the difference between external and internal motivation and devote energy to creating an environment that fosters and naturally promotes inner motivation.


  • Discover a useful tool for improving employee retention and motivation
  • Learn how great leaders move beyond external motivation
  • Create an environment that taps into internal motivation
  • Explore the leader's role in developing others
  • Debunk misconceptions around empowerment
  • Strengthen others by sharing power
  • Show appreciation, recognize contributions and celebrate accomplishments

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The Perfect Combination

The Your Invisible Toolbox® Movement tackles the challenges most individuals, teams, and organizations face. An award-winning book paired with a companion YouTube show and card deck, provide a unique set of research-based tools, put together in an easy-to-apply road map to success.

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