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Beyond Compromise: A Better Way To Negotiate

An interactive two-day workshop on negotiating win/win solutions and resolving conflict

While negotiations are often thought to be reserved for top executives and formal boardrooms, we all negotiate all day, every day. From negotiating a weekend activity with our family members, to negotiating solutions to customer requests, to discussing a raise with an employer, to negotiating assignments on a team, negotiation skills are a critical part of our daily interactions. When asked about negotiations, most people describe a desired and productive outcome as a compromise. Many even begin negotiations by advising the parties that compromise is essential.

At Tero, we believe that there is a better way. Beyond Compromise: A Better Way To Negotiate is a two-day training program where participants discover how to balance complex human relationships with a focus on results to achieve Win/Win outcomes in negotiations.

Like all Tero workshops, Beyond Compromise incorporates the insight of leading-edge research with practical applications. Participants learn the skills to negotiate effectively in an interactive, fun, safe environment. Although negotiations occur every day, the skills to conduct them effectively do not come naturally.

Tero's two-day Beyond Compromise: A Better Way to Negotiate workshop is divided into four sections:

Steps to Win/Win Negotiations

While every negotiation situation is unique, the basic skills to handle negotiations do not change. As we negotiate with others, we need to remember that we must not only worry about what we are trying to achieve, but also seek to understand what the other person's interests are. If we just stick to our position, we risk arriving at a solution that not only does not satisfy either person's interests, but also results in hurt feelings and mistrust. During their training, participants discover the four steps critical to Win/Win Negotiations.

Negotiation Strategies

The essence of Win/Win negotiating is seeking a solution that meets the needs of all parties - not a compromise. A number of things can occur in a negotiation that can be especially challenging. Anticipating challenges and developing strategies to deal with them can help. Not everyone negotiates fairly and some people who try to influence us do so manipulatively. Knowing some of the tricks can help you resist them. You can protect yourself against attempted manipulation if you can recognize the main tactics and use a few simple countermeasures.

Negotiation Skills

Win/Win outcomes are facilitated through collaboration, not compromise. Sadly, the skills to work collaboratively with another party do not come easily or naturally to most people. During their training, participants discover the five most common negotiation behaviors that produce five different outcomes and the six negotiation skills that effective negotiators possess.

Conflict Resolution

Tero's approach to conflict resolution is one founded on the conviction that conflict is the result of a negotiation gone wrong. Tero does not attempt to approach conflict as a unique interaction. Rather, Tero's approach is to help participants view conflict as the natural outcome of an ineffective negotiation with the ultimate solution being found in the steps to negotiation. One of the hardest things to manage in a conflict is emotions (often anger). Resolution seldom happens when one or more people are enraged or irrational.


  • Build/Preserve the Relationship and Clarify Goals
  • Identify Desired Outcomes (short-term, long-term, tangible and intangible)
  • Generate Options
  • Evaluate Options and Make Decisions
  • Unique in the training industry, we use a team approach to most training and executive coaching. This means a diversity of trainers, a variety of trainer certifications, specialties and expertise, and small facilitator to participant ratio.

  • We take the measurement of training results very seriously and dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to it - all to ensure that the programs offered by Tero deliver the outstanding results our clients have come to expect.

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