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Professional Presence

An interactive one-day workshop on polishing your professional look

Business professionals want to be perceived as honest, sincere, confident, knowledgeable and credible. Your visual and behavioral messages precede anything you do or say. Those messages can greatly affect your level of impact and achievement, and will determine your professional presence.

To address this important element of success, Tero International offers a one-day Professional Presence course. This course outlines and instructs the critical components that communicate your expertise and professionalism. During this workshop, you will discover how to develop and consistently communicate a professional image, both in how you look and how you interact.

This course is co-facilitated by Tero team members who hold special certifications in these important skill areas. Part one instruction is provided by a Certified Business Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant through the Protocol School of Washington D.C. Part two instruction is provided by Becky Rupiper-Greene, Senior Training and Image Consultant for Tero International, Certified Image Consultant through the London Image Institute.


  • Work a room and effectively network
  • Make proper introductions
  • Handshake in a way that forms a lasting impression
  • Display eye contact and body language effectively
  • Remember names
  • Present and receive business cards appropriately
  • Use electronic communication professionally
  • Initiate conversations and confidently converse and manage small talk


  • Understand the relevance of the message your appearance communicates
  • Differentiate between suitable and unsuitable working attire
  • Construct a professional wardrobe on a budget
  • Incorporate the fundamentals of fit and fabric into their wardrobe
  • Implement professional grooming standards
  • Avoid common mistakes that sabotage your visual impact

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