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When a group of people share a common development objective, a training workshop is an excellent way to acquire skills and knowledge. What if the development goals are unique or highly individual? One-on-one coaching is a better fit. Tero's Coaching Programs are designed to provide a customized development experience for an individual. Coaching candidates work together with their Tero coach to set goals and develop essential skills and knowledge for success.

Tero embraces a team-based approach to most coaching relationships - especially when the client's goals are complex or diverse. This is an unusual approach to coaching and one that makes Tero unique in its field.

A coaching team guarantees that clients benefit from greater subject matter expertise. Each Tero coach brings their own unique specialties, certifications and experience to the coaching relationship. Since the range of goals identified by the client may be diverse, a single coach cannot be, and is not expected to be, an expert in every area. The client will usually interact with at least two, and frequently several members of the Tero team, each trained and certified in one or more areas relevant to development.

Coaching is not mentoring and therefore benefits from a team model. Mentors have "walked in your shoes" and pass down their wisdom. A coach facilitates your personal and professional growth by asking powerful questions, offering direct feedback and holding you accountable. Mentors often do more telling, coaches do more asking in guiding you to tap your own inner wisdom and resources.

Scheduling coaching sessions can be a challenge for the busy professional. A team approach offers more flexibility in scheduling. Regardless of the number of Tero coaches involved, one member of the Tero coaching team serves as the team leader or head coach. This person has the advantage of evaluating the overall progress against goals, assessing the big picture and making recommendations and adjustments as appropriate.

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