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Public Professional Development Workshops In Des Moines

Workshops designed to build interpersonal and leadership skills

The following Tero workshops are offered on a public enrollment basis.

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Whether you are developing new skills for new challenges, or making career transitions inside the organization, Tero provides public workshops to maximize your effectiveness. Tero's team of experienced consultants offers you a professional approach to skill development. Whether you are looking to perfect your next presentation, dine like a diplomat, or stun your sales numbers, each of these professional development opportunities promises a learning experience like no other.

Tero International provides training to clients at locations around the world. To bring a Tero workshop to a group of people at your location, to schedule a private session at the Tero Learning Center, to inquire about facilitator certification for a Tero workshop, or to ask a question, contact Tero.

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Public Workshops: listing by date

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