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Compassionate Care Academy

A series of workshops designed for healthcare professionals

The patient dynamic is changing and traditional education has not prepared healthcare professionals for this new reality. The strategies and approaches that led to success in the past, are being challenged. Many leading organizations, seeking to prepare their healthcare professionals for the challenges ahead, are choosing Tero's proven and effective Compassionate Care Academy.

Tero Compassionate Care Academy

Thanks to the wide availability of information, largely due to the internet and its social networks and search engines, patients are now more informed, better educated and more demanding. They are challenging their providers, asking tough questions and shopping around at an unprecedented rate.

Technological innovations, legislative requirements, demographic trends and economic pressures are changing the way healthcare is done. The trend of giving the patient more power of choice continues. For healthcare organizations that expect to remain competitive, the challenge to keep up with the rapid-fire changes is a top priority.

The healthcare professionals who will excel are those who learn a new set of skills. Skilled healthcare professionals today know that care involves considerably more than providing excellent medical outcomes. It requires the ability to customize care for each unique patient. It demands a high level of competence in a variety of non-technical areas and the ability to communicate that competence and care to patients in non-obvious ways.

Click here to access Tero's Research Paper on the Challenges Facing Healthcare.

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